How to Survive Wedding Dress Shopping when you’re “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride’’


  1. When someone says, “You’re next!” immediately say it to another non-engaged person in the room! Even if you don’t know them. It’s like a game of dominoes! (silly voices are encouraged while doing this)
  2. Try to remember: you aren’t getting married, which is awesome, because you don’t have to be on a diet!
  3. Find a few descriptive phrases to add to your vocab. When you don’t know what to say about a dress, just throw one in, like “It’s very beachy,” “So classic,” “Oooh, princessy!”
  4. Repeat “I look good in EVERY color” to yourself all morning to avoid disappointment with your bridesmaid dress.
  5. Try to remember: today isn’t about you, which is awesome, because no one is staring at you. Everyone is staring at that girl in the puffy, sequiny thing.
  6. Wear something comfortable that you look good in while sitting in front of a mirror. There are mirrors everywhere and you’ll be sitting a lot. So. Many. Mirrors.
  7. Take lots of pictures from lots of different angles! Because, if you don’t, some other bridesmaid will, and you don’t want to be the lazy, less-helpful bridesmaid!
  8. Don’t compare yourself to anyone! This will be tough, ‘cause there are lots of beautiful women at bridal boutiques. But none of them are beautiful in the same way you are!
  9. Make at least one appointment at a fancy bridal boutique…why? Because FREE CHAMPAGNE!! (you’re gonna need it)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSo many dresses