Lessons I’ve Learned from Pregnancy – Part Two

2. Animals can sense pregnancy! I’ve always loved animals (especially my own) and they’ve always liked me just fine. But now that I’m pregnant, watch out! The animals are all looking at me with hearts in their eyes. I’m convinced that the baby is the number one reason that Matt’s dog, Bok Choy, fell for me so hard. She always wants to be near me and my belly (as you can see from the photo, she even wanted to be part of my maternity photo shoot!). And, my cat Lola is the same way. In fact, they fight over being close to me and the baby. I’m enjoying every minute of the extra snuggles, love and attention I get from Lola and Choy, because animal love is truly some of the most enriching love I’ve ever felt. I can’t wait for Lentil to get here so she can have all of her days brightened by these furry friends of ours.

One thought on “Lessons I’ve Learned from Pregnancy – Part Two

  1. You have always had and shared that extra sense. I, too, love how animals pick up on human vibrations and the unconditional love they offer. Life would not be the same without them! 🐈👶🏼🐶

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