Normally, I ring in the new year a little too hard and end up really hungover on the 1st. But, this year, I set a goal to not do that! And, it worked! I stayed in on NYE with some of my favorite ladies; we had delicious snacks, drank some cocktails (without over-doing it) and talked about our desires for the new year. On New Year’s Day, Julia and I kept the positivity going by sitting down and really thinking about and listing our desires for 2016. Then, we both made a long, handwritten list (please see photo) of our desires to hang somewhere in our homes. I wrote hers and she wrote mine, because it seemed more special that way. I’ve now got my list hanging in the kitchen to remind me of how wonderful my life is and how I’m working towards making it even more wonderful. Happy New Year, friends! I hope your NYE and New Year’s Day were magical in whatever way you needed them to be!

6 thoughts on “2016

  1. Love your goals and your blog! Your writing is so true, honest and always makes me laugh and some times cry! Happy New Year Ginger!

  2. What a great list, Ginger. You’re on the way already, simple by deciding on some good goals and keeping them in front of you. Happy New You Year! xoxoxoxo

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