Lessons I’ve Learned from my Boyfriend, Zack Hagan

Zack’s birthday was on Wednesday and we are celebrating all weekend so it seemed like the perfect time to put together this list of some important lessons he has taught me…

  1. Never text message when you’re upset. Even if your silence drives the person on the other end crazy. You’ll avoid a lot of trouble this way.
  2. Napping is necessary. So is dancing. And coffee. And bourbon.
  3. Wake up early, even on the weekends because a.) it makes you look responsible to others and b.) you can just take a nap a few hours later when you are tired and c.) it gives you lots of opportunities to use the phrase “carpe the fucking diem.”
  4. When in doubt, eat mac and cheese.
  5. If there are two things worth getting worked up over, they are sports and politics.
  6. You’re never too old to play games.
  7. Having a few high-quality clothing items is better than having a ton of low-quality clothing items.
  8. If you find a shirt, pair of pants or pair of shoes you like, buy it in multiple colors!
  9. Family and cats are super important! And even when they drive you crazy, it’s important to remember you love them.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

3 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve Learned from my Boyfriend, Zack Hagan

  1. Happy Birthday week to Zack! He and Tal share the same week for celebrating big events, but Im guessing Tal’s BIG event was a little bigger than Zack’s. (OK, that means Tal’s was the big 7-0). He and i say hi, glad to see your new cute pics and posts. Carol

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